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From the Department of Awesome Natural Wonders comes this impressive geological formation - an enormous rock perfectly balanced atop a smooth mound. Located deep inside the forests of Finland, the balancing rock is called Kummakivi:

“There is still no scientific explanation for how the rock, whose given name translates as ‘strange rock’ in Finnish, has wound up in such a perplexing position.”

However it happened, it’s a pretty awesome sight. But we don’t recommend standing under it for too long.

[via My Modern Metropolis]


The mystery of the Phaistos Disc is a story that sounds like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. Discovered by Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier in 1908 in the Minoan palace-site of Phaistos, the disc is made of fired clay and contains mysterious symbols that may represent an unknown form of hieroglyphics. It is believed that it was designed sometime in the second millennium BC. Some scholars believe that the hieroglyphs resemble symbols of Linear A and Linear B, scripts once used in ancient Crete. The only problem? Linear A also eludes decipherment. Today the disc remains one of the most famous puzzles of archaeology.
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A man in Dorset, UK, was showered with tiny spheres of blue goo that rained down from the sky during a hailstorm last week. The tiny, one-inch gelatinous spheres are odorless, are not sticky, and are not meteorological, British authorities say. Basically, no one has any real clue what they are.

British meteorological authorities say they are not the result of some kind of weather event, though there is speculation that they could be “marine invertebrate eggs” that stuck to a bird’s feet and were carried into the air. Such eggs have been attributed to previous “strange goo” incidents, which apparently happen from time to time. In fact, according to the BBC, transmission of marine eggs via birds’ feet is something that is well documented. 


We’ve come a long way since the days of believing that lightning bolts were the work of angry gods, but some natural events continue to mystify us — including black holes, supernovas, the Marfa lights, the Bermuda Triangle and the Taos Hum. Despite scientists’ best efforts, there are many myths and legends surrounding unexplained natural events.
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