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Can you recommend any books or articles that accurately describe evolution? My school doesn't teach evolution and I'm embarrassed to say I know very little about it.
scinerds scinerds Said:

Hello! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Sometimes certain topics slip under the education radar, and it’s wonderful you’d like to learn about it on your own!

To start, I feel everyone should own a copy of Charles Darwin’s The Origin Of Species. There are a lot of versions out there - short, long, revised, etc - so you’ll need to do some research on which version you would like to start off on.

I also really enjoy Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin. The way he writes is amazing, and easy to understand whether you’re new to the subject or not.

Some other books that may interest you are listed below:

I know I’ve left a lot of books out (even many I own/have read), but these are a few that may be great introductions for you. There is a list on Good Reads you may also want to take a look at which lists their best books on evolution (based on reviews, it looks). As well, if you search “evolution” on places like Amazon or your local book store website, you’ll be able to get a good list of ones I’ve not listed here.

Again, there are just so many books out on evolution (way too many to list!), and I do want to stress that everyone has their own opinions on which books they feel are best, more accurate, etc. In the end, I definitely suggest reading a bit about each book on Amazon (or similar sites) to see if you feel these will be a good starting point for you. I’ve found the more books I read, the better I understand topics - like evolution - as a whole. You get different opinions from the authors, and I feel it helps when cross checking information once you become more acquainted to the topics you’re reading about. I do this a lot with palaeontology studies, for example.

When it comes to scientific papers, there are some in book format and many available online. A good place to start would be searching “evolution” on sites like Google Scholar, University websites, PLOS ONE, Nature, etc.

I hope this post is of help!

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Hey, followers, got some awesome evolution books you have read that I totally forgot to list here? Send them over via ask and I’ll make a compiled list to put up on our blog!