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shredlife asked (via fanmail):

Can you please give me (and I’m sure some of the other followers) some quality sources to get “science” related news?!

Of course! Here is my particular list of trusted sites:
LiveScience, New Scientist, Science Daily, New York Times, BBC News, Reuters, Telegraph, National Geographic, Center for Disease Control, Scientific American, Nature News, PhysOrg, Wired, GizmodoPopSci, and Popular Mechanics.

Any of our followers have other sources I neglected?

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  5. naovaimudar answered: I not ..
  6. anndruyan answered: is a pretty neat site specific to astrophysic research
  7. ihtdumsbihntw answered: Well I have…; and of course… :)
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    Google News is good in terms of technology, but not much else. Also, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for research...
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