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There’s been some more research into figuring out whether or not Torosaurus is just a full grown adult Triceratops. Whenever dinosaurs are named (and in many cases the same is named more than once), the first official documented name sticks, which is Triceratops in this case. The controversy between whether or not they are the same species has been going on for quite some time. Last time news came out, Torosaurus had been scratched off the dino-map, but now it seems Torosaurus is back in the game to fight for becoming a valid species of ceratopsid.

The photo above shows Triceratops (top), and Torosaurus (bottom). Researchers have been doing tests on all ages of Triceratops and Torosaurus, finding that there isn’t a right transition (skull) between the dinosaurs to confirm that Torosaurus was just a full grown Triceratops.

“We looked at a bunch of changes in the skulls as the animals age and used a programme to arrange the skulls from youngest to oldest,” explained Dr Longrich to BBC News.

“What we found is there are young Torosaurus individuals and very old Triceratops individuals and that’s inconsistent with Torosaurus being an adult Triceratops.”

So, guys, any thoughts on the recently released news?

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