Science is the poetry of Nature.

Contributing Authors

Here at Scinerds, we have a team of dedicated authors to bring you information and news on all different topics in the science world. Below is the list and a short description of what each person focuses on in this blog.

→ aamukherjee : Fields: Physics, physics and more physics? Jokes aside however, I also cover some applied mathematics, chemistry and engineering. Everything is interesting if you go into it deeply enough!

→ alchymista : Fields: Chemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, Science Education, and Medical whatnot. Sometimes I go a little crazy and post science history!

→ crownedrose : Fields: Palaeontology, Palaeobiology, Geology, Mineralogy, Landscapes, General Earth Sciences, & Nature related topics. I also run a science blog solely on my own called geologise. I also run the blog scienceon, a project dedicated to documenting the science bloggers on Tumblr. There’s nothing better than digging up the Earth’s past.

→ expose-the-light : My name is Kim, A physics major student. Fields: Physics, Biology, Science as Art, Science History, Astronomy, Technology, Science Trivia, & All General Sciences.

→ ikenbot : Fields: Astronomy, Cosmology, & All General Sciences. The creator of Scinerds.

abluegirl : TBA

neuromorphogenesis : Fields: Neuroscience, Medicine and Neurosurgery. Goals: Cheif Pediatric Neurosurgeon in coming years. Future PHD/MD. Anthing related to brain and mind is interesting to me.

ucresearch : We’re the official University of California Research blog and we’re interested in sharing all things research from science and technology to the arts and humanities.