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Contributing Authors

Hello, everyone, and thanks for following scinerds. Our team here takes a lot of time to find awesome posts for our followers to read and enjoy. If you have a question, you may find it right below. If now, hit up our ask box!

Who maintains this blog?

There are nine of us who contribute to scinerds, but as well, if you submit a post and we publish it, you may see guests contributors as well. You can find all nine of us in the right sidebar on our layout, or just click this link to read about us!

Can I join scinerds and be a contributor?

We are not accepting new admins currently as this time, but again, you guys can send in submissions with cool and interesting posts for guest contributions. We may or may not publish the post, as it will depend on the content, how it is formatted, etc. Be sure for whatever you may submit that if you are quoting other sites/people/sources/etc to be sure and give proper credit. This is a very important issue, so please make sure you use the right citations and format!

Why hasn’t my question been answered?

There are many factors to why this may have happened. There is the possibly that your post has already been published/answered by one of our team members, so you may have to browse our blog to find it. Everyone here at scinerds has specialised fields of interest, so perhaps the geology/palaeontology member may not be able to answer a question about physics and vice versa. We do try to answer as many asks as possible, but as well, sometimes those messages get lost (curse you, Tumblr!).

You posted something that is inaccurate.

If we have, please let us know so we can fix it! In the end, we are human and either worded a post incorrectly or reblogged a post that was originally inaccurate. Whatever the case may be, you can contact us via ask or fanmail (if that includes links), and tell us why the post is wrong. We’re here to bring you all great information and never would want to stray away from the truth.

Follow my blog!!

Scinerds is a blog that has multiple users managing it, meaning that the blog scinerds itself cannot follow anyone.

My question still hasn’t been answered.

Okay, no problem! Send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We’re all busy with life out in the real world, and can’t always be on 24/7. One maintainer may be online whereas another may not; especially since we’re all from different countries/timezones.

As well, we will be adding more to our FAQ as the blog goes on. Thank you so much for following and enjoy scinerds!

- Scinerds Team